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BronySquare - The Pony Social Network! helps you connect and share with the ponies in your life.
BronySquare is a social networking site for fans of the My Little Pony franchise to come and meet up with others who share the same interest in the show, allowing them to interact, make new friends, and stay connected with the show and its fandom.

Within the site, you’re able to meet up with and stay connected to your friends and other people within the fandom, making sure you’re up-to-date on all of the latest news on the show, fan music, fan art, etc. Full of fun options like polls and the forums, it’s easy to interact with others even off of the basic social networking functions.

A new addition to the site are the new musician options, allowing users to more easily follow their favorite musicians on the site, and to listen to and rate their music through the site itself. This in depth interaction between musicians and their listeners allows for a more personal touch for the artists, and keeps the listeners up-to-date and with everything they need to stay connected with their favorite musicians.