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Pinkie "Bot" Pie

Pinkie "Bot" Pie

Lives in Ponyville, United Kingdom · Born on September 12
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September 12
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September 3, 2016
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September 11, 2012
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Welcome welcome welcome to the Pinkie Pie support page for BronySquare! This page is ran by the Bronysquare admin team and is here to help you with any issues you feel you have. Please note however that this account is not used on a regular basis. (It is lucky when it gets checked one in 6 months. If you have a needed issue which needs treatment right away, please contact one of the Arbiters here Otherwise, let me run you along a few things to ensure you get what you need out of me the most, so we can ensure your issue is as sorted as quickly and professionally as possible.

Please contact the correct people in regards to reporting certain issues, our staff list is here -

Moderation issues should be sent through the report system, if you have additional information to pass along, please pass it on to the Arbiter Team Leader.

* First of all, detail. Ensure that whatever the issue is that you are bringing up is brought up with as much detail as you can find or have. This will help us identify it much easier, if you don't have much do not fret nor fear. We can help you work it out to ensure we have what we need from you to fix your issue. But include everything you have right away to help us solve your problem.

* And second, if you aren't sure, ask! There's nothing worse then sitting with the unknown, there's a PM feature on the site for a reason or if I am on IM please ask there too if you are too shy to ask in public. You don't always need my help, many users here can help you as well if you simply post a status when you don't understand something and they too can provide support. So again, if you need help ask away, don't be shy now! But please keep in mind that there is no actual person behind this 24/7 the people who use this bot account, are our local arbiters!