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BronySquare Rules

Rules are subject to review shortly.


This page here is intended to inform the users of the various rules that are used throughout BronySquare. These rules are subject to change as well as the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service from time to time and it is recommended to read these pages when changes are made. It is the staff’s job to enforce these rules and any other misconducts that are not covered herein. The staff will not be able to arbitrate personal disputes between users and/or their friends unless it breaches our Terms of Service or the rules. In the event that a user is cyberbullied or otherwise it is recommended to contact local authorities on their own behalf and explain the situation. If any information is required for BronySquare to comply with any case of cyberbullying or otherwise the staff will provide what is needed to fulfill the investigation of contacted authorities.

By accessing this site or any data derived from or associated with this site, its brand, or its users, you assume all aspects of responsibility for the content of your posts, and the direct and indirect consequences of your actions during, after, and relating to any access of said data. By using the site, you agree to all posted rules, and to the right of the rules to be changed, added, or removed by the site. Note that the site staff reserves the right to enforce these rules and any other unwritten rules, in any way they see fit.

Any questions or complaints should be directed at our PR staff or sent via the contact us page.


This website is viewed by a public audience and is intended to be used by those thirteen (13) years of age or older. All content including, but not limited to: wall posts, comments, pages, photos, marketplace, blogs, video/YouTube links, profile and forum posts must be appropriate to those of all ages. While certain areas of the site contain privacy or filter options neither of them provide exemptions from the rules.

Disciplinary System

If for any reason content that is found that may be deemed inappropriate to BronySquare can be submitted for review via the report option that appears on most pages. It is recommended to use the correct reporting form when reporting such as reporting a photo as a photo or a comment as a comment. Reports made fraudulently or are meant to stall staff may result in the user who submitted the report receive disciplinary action.

  • Users who disobey the rules will receive a warning or infraction based on what is deemed to be appropriate by the moderator also known as a Peacekeeper. These warnings and infractions are issued via private messaging.
  • Warnings are meant to be an educational tool and do not pose any detrimental effects to a user’s standing.
  • Bans are issued either in the event that a user has ran out of their chances and show no sign of change after multiple warnings or infractions, or when their situation is severe enough to warrant a straight away ban. During the duration of the ban it is not permitted to create additional accounts. Any accounts created during that time will be deleted and their IP Address possibly blocked for the duration of the ban, their efforts to circumvent the ban can sometimes also have an effect on lengthening their original ban time.
  • Responding to the account that issues the warnings or infractions is an unmonitored account.
    • If for any reason a ban was felt to be made unfairly send an email via the contact us page.
    • Be sure to include any important information such as the user name, the action being committed and a reason why the account should be reinstated. These appeals will be reviewed by multiple moderators.
    • In the case that it wished for an administrator to review the case send an email to [email protected]

Bug and Exploitation

  • If in any case a section of the site is experiencing bugs or glitches, also known as coding that contains errors which prevents it from operating properly, it is recommended to submit a support ticket.
  • Exploits or actions performed on the site that were never originally intended but are working within functional coding are not permitted to be used and are to be reported via support ticket immediately.
  • Users found using either bugs, glitches or exploits will be banned.

Naming Policy that applies to both Profile and Display Names


  • Names may not be offensive based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political views, handicaps, past events or other subjects along those lines.
  • Names may only be alphanumeric which is only letters a-z and numbers 0-9. The only exceptions are " ' - _ and .
    • Accents in names are permitted. An example would be "López". These should be kept within reason, and not used excessively.
  • Names should be kept in moderation and only be used for identification. This means that "tags" such as "foal", "vampony", etc. are not permitted. These belong in your "about me" section. Anyone seen using these tags will have them removed.
  • There is an “about me” section for any information you wish to share.
  • When it comes to an original character where there is the possibility of duplicate names it does not entitle the right to steal or utilize any intellectual properties of other users whether they are BronySquare users or not.

Code of Conduct

All of the below are not allowed:

  • Posts containing anything that violates domestic and international laws including piracy.
  • Spamming or repeating the same message multiple times on different areas of the site such as forums, wall posts and comments. This also includes posting non-brony advertisements and accounts created to spam will be banned. Bear in mind copy and paste messages and reuploading the same image for multiple users, even with a good intent such as welcoming new members is frowned upon. Achievements are to be earned by posting meaningful content.
  • Swearing in the majority of posting- some swearing is allowed.
  • Anything posted with the intent of upsetting, shocking, trolling or otherwise stirring unnecessary drama among other users under any circumstances.
  • May not be a post about racism, anti-semitism or similar offensive discrimination's based on race, origins, religion, sexual preferences or alike.
  • This includes Nazism, Slavery, Anti-Semitism and other offensive content.
  • Disrespecting others beyond that of a civil and polite discussion.
  • Insults based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political views or along the lines of such.
  • Anything that is considered obscene and explicit. This is not limited to but includes pornographic material, illegal drugs, rape, adult conversations and so forth.
  • Threats or other forms of violence against others for any reason.
  • Encouraging users to engage in rule breaking behavior. This is not limited to just BronySquare but promoting activities that break rules on other sites as well such as spamming or raiding.
  • Displaying of personal information such as name, email address, physical address or the screen names from various instant messengers and video game screen names. BronySquare assumes no responsibility of what occurs off site.
  • Any CSS coding that hampers users’ ability to use the site or its functions. This includes, but is not limited to CSS that causes the page to move, flips the page in any direction other than the one it is intended to be in, or disables functions such as PMs, friend requests, and notifications.
  • Disrespecting the staff. Disciplinary issues are to be handled by the proper email or support system.
  • Impersonating a staff member, including, but not limited to using their name, their profile, or the way they speak. Doing so will result in a warning or possibly a ban.

Content uploaded to must abide by the following:

Content uploaded to must abide by the following:

  • Snapshots including animated images that are derived from the show without modification are permitted. Modification does not include resizing, cropping or quality loss. Images from the show that contain unacceptable text applied to them will be removed, or if they violate any other rules.
  • Providing it follows all other rules content may be uploaded that is considered to be under Fair Use.
  • No images containing some sort of visual pose or depiction of anything that provokes a sexual response from the viewers. This includes any sort of pose that is intended to be sexual or specific shots that outlines specific features of an equine such as ‘plot’.
  • May not contain sexual acts including but not limited to sex, underage sex, impending, implied, or visual rape, bondage, overly salivating, usage of sexual toys, naked humanized ponies or humans, wing play or horn play.
  • May not contain visible reproductive organs or female breasts.
  • May not contain visible internal organs.
  • Some blood is permitted providing that it comes from accidents or minor battle wounds.
  • May not contain violent acts not limited to but including overly excessive amounts of gore, vore, torture, abuse, mutilation, self-inflicted mutilation, murder or suicide.
  • Images, posts, and characters referencing illicit substances such as drugs are not permitted. This includes illegal drugs, abusing prescription medications, or any other illegal substance abuse.
  • Items that explicitly state that they are not meant for distribution on other sites is to not be uploaded on BronySquare.
    • Check with the original author to make sure that even linking it is permitted.
  • Anything that may infringe on intellectual properties rights is not permitted on BronySquare.

Intellectual property and Fair Use

No content is allowed which may infringe on intellectual property rights or whose source(s) explicitly prohibit distribution on other sites.
Before uploading content that is not yours (including recolors) you must:
  • Confirm that the original artist or copyright holder allows distribution and/or modification of the content.
  • Provide proof of the permission or allowance of distribution/modification (If required by the artist). This can be done either by linking to a place where the artist makes their general stance explicit or by providing a screenshot where the artist gives you explicit permission.
  • When uploading, include any credits/links required by the artist or copyright holder in the image information section.

Content posted without following these rules is subject to removal.
When dealing with stolen or infringing content do NOT harass, spam or otherwise attempt to "correct" the user suspected. Doing so will be treated as harassment according to our rules of conduct. Instead, follow the instructions given below to report the content, and allow our staff to handle the situation.
If you are the original artist or copyright holder:
  • Go to the site where you uploaded your content (DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity, etc.)
  • Send a message to our representative account with:
    • a link to the infringing content on PonySquare or BronySquare
    • a link to your original content
    • the action you would like taken on the infringing content
    • Optionally, include your "Artist Name" and an action you would like taken on any future infringing content reported.
If you are not the original artist or copyright holder, and the the owner is unable to report, or does not own an account on PonySquare:
  • Contact the original artist or copyright holder and confirm that they want the item to be reported and the action they want taken.
  • If the owner wants the content reported, include in the report:
    • a link to the original image, hosted by the owner/artist (dA, FurAffinity, etc...)
    • proof that the owner wanted it reported or does not want their work distributed/modified
    • the action the owner wants taken on the content
  • Alternately, instead of reporting, have the owner contact us in the manner described above (be sure to give them links to the infringing content).
Reports which do not follow these instructions and provide all necessary information will be removed.

Our official representative accounts can be found at the following addresses:

BronySquare Rules:

  • Images should only be used to convey images. Image macros are fine; however, games based around a particular phrase or statement are not allowed.
    • These sort of games should be played in the forums so users who wish to not subscribe can do so in addition to some games being outright spam.
  • No extended role playing is to be tolerated on BronySquare. While casual greetings and such are okay, all extended role playing must be taken to PonySquare.
  • While blogs are free to the user as they see fit, the purpose of creating short blogs in a short amount of time to unlock achievements may result in those blogs being removed and a possible disciplinary action.
  • Marketplace listings need to be legitimate entries. The products would need to be something legally obtained in the United States or Denmark.
  • Events created on BronySquare should be relevant to the sites content, or an actual occurence. Events that have no place within the site, are inappropriate or are pointless will be dealt with. This descesion will be handled on a case by case basis with the Peacekeepers, who may remove the event at their discretion.
  • On the forums, the user who created a forum thread, also known as the original poster (usually shortened or abbreviated to OP), has limited privileges over the thread. Original posters may also have a slight responsibility over the thread’s direction.
  • Arguments consisting mostly of derogatory insults or threats will not be tolerated.
    • Arguments that do not include any sort of derogatory insult or threats are not likely to be subject to any disciplinary action. Having an opinion does not constitute a ban.
  • Stolen content whether it be text or images is to be reported but not to be taken into any user’s hands.
    • Reports stemming from this should be made by the owner of the intellectual property as well as enough information to verify it is stolen. Names may or may not be included and accounts that contain stolen material may not be requested for deletion.
  • BronySquare reserves the right to remove any suicidal post(s) and contact the authorities of your area in regards to them. It is an issue that must be taken seriously, and we will take precautions to ensure users’ safety.
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